Do you want an easier way to write English business emails
and hit that send button confidently as a non-native English speaker? 





Your solution to writing perfect English business emails with ease.

So you can focus on engineering without getting frustrated.

More than 30 English business email templates to help you simplify your international project communication so you can focus on your core engineering business–without having to worry about that stupid email.

If you’re a busy engineer and you find yourself saying, ‘Aaaargh, I wanna throw the keyboard across the office whenever I write an English email,’ - this is for you.


Let’s face the facts:


When working with an international team of engineers, clients and stakeholders, clear communication is one of the most important skills to successfully develop a project. And nowadays, that means: lots of emails!


But the thing is, English is not your mother language!

👉 You might already get stuck at the salutation (is it ‘Hi Joe’ or ‘Dear Mr. Black’?)

👉 You might be running out of words.

👉 You might struggle to diplomatically decline a request.

👉 You really just want to write a quick meeting invite, but it takes you forever.

👉 And that? It probably got you feeling inadequate, stressed, and frustrated.

👉 Or even worse? Your tone of voice is off, and you have unintentionally sent a rude email to your client.


But as someone who was once in your shoes–a newcomer, not speaking a new language fluently, trying to build my business from scratch–I am so excited to say it doesn’t have to be this way!

This is exactly why I created Emails for Engineers


I (Olivia) get how hard it can be. Been there, done that. Back in Austria, I was working as a civil engineer, and I was writing business emails and letters in German and English on a daily basis.  Without even thinking about it. But then I moved to the Netherlands. I registered my business and quickly had people inquiring about my services. Happy to reply, I sat down in front of my laptop … only to stare at an empty page, panicking: How to greet someone? How to politely ask questions? How to deny a meeting? How to tell someone professionally to get lost? I searched the internet up and down for high-quality templates. But most of them were too informal or too old-school. So I had to come up my own system.

Since I started teaching English for Engineers, I discovered that most of my clients have the same issues when it comes to English business emails! But I discovered that I could help them with a few guidelines and proper templates. And since they are using those? 


⚡️They have massively improved their business relations.

⚡️They are as fast at writing emails in English as in their mother language.

⚡️They don’t struggle to express their thoughts effectively and professionally.


And the best part? They enjoy writing emails! And I believe that can happen for you too.


What if you could finally write emails


⚡️ fast, confidently and eloquently

⚡️ with clarity and precision

⚡️ without running out of words

⚡️ and did I already mention FAST?


I bet it would feel pretty freakin’ good!





More than 30 English email templates to help you streamline your international project communication so you can focus on your core engineering business without wasting time on language problems, without miscommunication or misunderstandings.


Here’s what you’ll gain immediate access to today: 


Copy-and-Paste: Made for you English Email Templates [over 30 outlines]!

Save hours of time. And frustration. No more searching the internet forever just to question your whole career path at the end of the day. Feel confident in developing your engineering project and your English business relations.

There are more than 30 business email templates that have been created for you based on my 3-by-3 email structure to help you write emails using the right tone of voice, that are structured, and get you the results you want and need.

All you need to do? Search for a keyword or category, find the right template for the situation and use it to make your communication clear, respectful, and to the point.

As an added bonus? Many of the templates can ALSO be used as text message, Whatsapp or regular letter. I even added 10 ‘shorties’, aka useful one-liners.

Delivered in Trello, Google Docs + PDF format.


Your templates are divided into 6 main areas:

  • Emailing with clients + stakeholders
  • Emailing with Sub/Contractors
  • Communicating with your boss/superiors
  • Emailing with engineering colleagues
  • SCRUM/Agile related messages
  • One-liners fo quick responses

10+ Useful One-Liners to Cut&Paste and Shoot Off in Seconds

Sometimes you only need one sentence. One quick come-back to shut someone up.

How do you say 'none of your business' in Business English? Here are 10 quick responses in 20 different ways: polite, assertive, or really nice. 

Video Tutorial on How to Use Emails for Engineers

In this video, you will learn exactly how to use + how to get the most out of your templates which means that you can not only write good emails in no time and be competitive in your industry but meaning you will ALSO feel as confident as writing an email in your mother language.

You’ll also discover that I’ve put the template package into different data formats so you can download the templates into your prefered environment.

  •  Trello (Atlassian)
  •  Google Docs
  •  PDF

This has been created with various personal preferences in mind, so you can use the data format that fits best into your existing workflow. 

Master Trello Board

To make your life even easier, you will get access to a Trello board with all the content in one place! So you only need to go to one place to access over 40+ pieces of powerful content for your emails. 

Simply open Trello, and select the piece of content you want. and then off you go! 


ONLY €37


*Limited Time Offer Of €37 EUR (One-Time Payment Only). Lifetime access. 30-DAY-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 


Bonus #1: The Send Better Emails Checklist

Quickly review grammar, spelling and more before hitting 'send': 


Poor grammar and spelling look unprofessional and could potentially damage your or your company's reputation. Clear and professional writing also needs good punctuation. Luckily, there's way more room for personal style these days, especially in informal communication.

But don't worry: now you have this powerful checklist!


Bonus #2: The Cool to Corporate Switchlist 

Use this list to choose words that will help you sound more casual or more business-like.


Formal and informal language serve different purposes in written communications. It depends on your reader (audience) and your reason for writing (purpose). It is about your tone, your choice of words, and how you put the words together. It's like choosing the right outfit: you must know if you're going to the beach or to the theatre.

Bonus #3: The Useful Phrases Guidebook

Need extra phrases + vocabulary for your emails? Download this bonus file with extra wording for your emails, graded from formal to informal.


Now that you're a pro at using the templates, I want to share with you a list of phrases and useful vocabulary that you can simply copy and paste the next time you have to modify one of the templates or write an email without using them at all. 

Bonus #4: Tricks of the Trade

There are a couple of tricks good writers use. And I let you in on them ;-)


Nothing more to say: this list is pure gold!

You might be thinking right now:


“30 templates? That never covers all possible situations I’m in!”

And here is the truth: you’re absolutely right! That’s why you also gain access to my members-only English for Engineers Facebook group, where you can ask any language-related question you might have!




“But wait, couldn’t I just search the internet and find free templates?”

Again, you’re absolutely right. But most busy engineers who want to save time by using templates, realistically, don’t have the time to search for good templates for hours and hours and hours.

Time for a quick recap:


30+ English email templates for engineers that are already written for you so you can communicate efficiently without losing any time.

10+ shorties, aka one-liners, which you can use in an email or text message. Actually, you can use them in a face-to-face conversation as well.

A video tutorial on how to best use these templates,  to make sure you get the most out of your template package.

Master Trello board (priceless!) with all content in one place for smooth office management.


BONUS: The Send Better Emails Checklist. So you can confidently hit that send button!

BONUS: The Cool to Corporate Switch List, when you have to adjust your tone of voice. 

BONUS: The Useful Phrases Guidebook to create concise and easy-to-read emails your engineering colleges love to read.

BONUS: Tricks of the Trade PDF List. Learn the secrets of witty writers.

BONUS: Join the English for Engineers Facebook Group where you'll find support regarding all things Technical English, Business English, Business Communication, eMail writing, etc.


So... who am I, and why should you listen to me when it comes to English for Engineers?


Hi, I’m Olivia Augustin, a civil engineer and a certified English as a 2nd language and Business English teacher.

For about half a decade, I’ve been serving engineers from various cultural and technical backgrounds with my Technical + Business English courses, helping them to confidently communicate their international business projects and supporting their careers by equipping them with the necessary communication skills.

All while being an expat and dealing with a new language and culture myself.

A while ago, a young engineer contacted me and asked, “Can you teach me how to write English emails?”.  In the same month, another engineering client asked, “Could you have a look at this really important email and help me streamline it?”.


And so, the *Emails for Engineers* template package was born.


I truly believe that every engineer deserves a helping hand: affordable + at any time they need it. And this solution does just that.

I’d be honoured to help YOU write great emails fast today, and can’t wait to see the difference this solution makes in your business.



This template package has been designed to help you, a busy engineer, write English business emails quickly, with ease and clarity. I am confident that it is the solution to help you communicate confidently through emails.


However, I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today. 


Because If you don't love the Emails for Engineers template package, you can request your money back within 30 days. That is how confident I am that this solution will reduce your stress and simplify your workflow.

- Olivia


Yes, I need this for my business!

Frequently Asked Questions


One final note before we reach the end


If you now think, “I’m not sure, I’m still on the fence”, let me tell you that much: I’m not going to push you into buying. If it’s for you, it’s for you. If not, then not.

The template package will be around for a while. And if a low price offer plus a 30 day money back guarantee plus my pretty face can’t convince you, then I don’t know what will 🤓


ONLY €37


*Limited Time Offer Of €37 EUR (One-Time Payment Only). Lifetime access. 30-DAY-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.