EMAILS FOR ENGINEERS [template package]

Take back your time and simplify your international project communication with these 30+ English email templates.

So you can focus on your core engineering business without wasting time on language problems, miscommunication or misunderstandings.


You get instant access to:

30+ English email templates for engineers, divided into 5 main categories

10+ useful one-liners, a.k.a. shorties, you can use in an email or text message

A video tutorial on how to best use these templates


BONUS: The Send Better Emails Checklist

BONUS: The Cool to Corporate Switchlist

BONUS: The Useful Phrases Guidebook

BONUS: Tricks of the Trade PDF List

BONUS: Access to the English for Engineers Facebook group - for more support and help


That's HUGE support + TONS of hours saved with just a one-time purchase. 

Lifetime access. 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

What People Are Saying:

I'm a non-technical partner in a software startup, and this email pack is seriously a life-saver. Ok, maybe not life, but definitely saves time & avoids miscommunications. It's nice to be able to speak to the engineers in their language without having to constantly translate my own "business words" to technical English.


These emails are absolutely BRILLIANT for getting work done! I've cut the time I spent writing emails in half. I've also been using them to email the contractors doing my house extension, and I can finally feel my stress level decreasing. Bargain!

Ana Maria

Marcode's email templates have saved me so much time and stress (& I'm a native speaker). I always overthink writing emails. It takes me so long to come up with the right words & re-read everything I've written 3 times to ensure I communicate what I mean. Now, I can just search for my topic, fill out the template, and send.



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