This is the place for busy engineers who want to make English work for them

Olivia Augustin: Civil engineer - certified language teacher - corporate trainer

I take my engineering + language teaching degrees to design the perfect course for you—to match your goals and your engineer's personality!

This is Marcode—the place where you can learn to master Technical English to communicate efficiently and develop your international projects successfully.


Marcode exists because I understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want to learn Technical English quickly–and you want that without the stress and struggle that generally goes with learning a new language.

I started with 'English for Engineers' in early 2019 and have been helping busy engineers master their English communication skills through practical and no-nonsense lessons that are non-boring at the same time.

Serving big companies and individuals all over Europe, South America, and Asia, I bring with me experience, vigour, and know-how that'll help you from start to fluency with the smooth process you need but without the grammar-induced headache you expect.

For the past 12 years, I've been using my language skills to help businesses and organisations to share their brand stories in multiple languages. I've translated and interpreted. But before that, I've been walking in your shoes for 10 long years.

You hear me all right: I am a fellow engineer. And even though I loved my job, my heart was elsewhere. And that was helping engineers to become skilled communicators in English. 

The courses you find here at Marcode are all driven by practicality, accessibility, and professionalism.  Partnering up with me gets you a nerdy side-kick who helps you every step of the way–like Spock and Captain Kirk.

This is how I will help you master English for engineers so you can handle your business communication more quickly and easily than ever before.

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