You are a teacher, coach, or mentor who wants to take your business online?

But you are not sure where to start because the tech and all is overwhelming you?

Here is a list of my favorite website hosts, email providers, programs, courses, and resources‚ÄĒeverything you need to start bringing your business¬†online. Or, as I call it: TOOLS¬†FOR TEACHERS

This website uses affiliate links/codes which may earn me a commission for purchases made (at no additional cost to you).

My Forever Number One

When I built my first website in 2020, I bought a ‚ā¨27 branding course because I had no clue what colours or fonts I should use. Little did I know that Carinda's courses and templates would become the cornerstone of my business in terms of¬†content marketing and digital product development.¬†

Have I taken courses with other experts? Yes.
Did I regret it afterward? Also yes!
Because the quality of Cardinda's advice always proofed to be in-depth + top-notch.

For about 4 years now, Carinda has been my go-to address when I need content + marketing support, solutions, and shortcuts. Or as she would say, she's "helping you master your small biz content, copy, and compelling marketing so you can get seen, loved, and selling with complete ease."


Compelling Brand Message Cure {Service-Based Business}

A step-by-step masterclass and template pack made especially for service-based or offer-based businesses so you can craft the *exact* messages you can use all across your business to get the attention of your ideal audience, captivate them, and convert them to paying customers.

Complete Content 24/7 {Service-Based + Digital Product Edition} 

Done-for-you social media content. Get access to social media post templates + story prompts expertly made to get your business seen, loved and selling on autopilot.

Offer Copy that Converts

Get access to professionally written offer description copy templates that can be used to SELL your service or your digital products.The plug+play copy templates can be used on your website services/sales pages, in your proposals or pitches, to sell your offer via email or even as extra captions on social media - use them wherever you have people you want to CONVERT! 

Campaign with Confidence

This is a plug+play template and training solution based on powerful consumer psychology that'll help you easily create and run a profitable flash sale or special offer in your business to increase your sales and inject cash over 5 days using your current audience + offers FAST.

ChatGPT Marketing Mastery ūü§Ė {Training + Toolkit}

The proven solution to help you harness the mind-blowing power of ChatGPT beyond the "basic" way many people are approaching it and turn it into a content marketing machine that helps you do WAY more, in WAY less time, in a way that feels SERIOUSLY easy, authentic and personalised to your biz. 

Digital Product to Profit

Carinda's¬†step-by-step program designed to help you create, sell, and scale low-ticket digital products‚Ķwith the vision to create BIG impact on your bank account, life balance and biz. This program is on invitation, so send her an email¬†and tell her "Olivia sends me!"¬†ūü§ď


Other great template packages are:

My all-in-one Website Solution 

You need a website. But also a tool to automate your emails. And you want landing pages to sell your courses? And a place to offer freebies in exchange for email addresses. But also a learning platform for your students to log in to and attend your lessons or watch the recordings? And by the way, you've been dreaming about putting a podcast out into the world? And it better all be GDPR compliant.


When I started my business, I had my website on WIX. For my newsletter, I used MailChimp. My CRM (customer relationship management) was an Excel list. And the lessons were held through Zoom.

Now, all of that and more is hosted inside Kajabi: 

  • website
  • landing pages and sales pages
  • podcast
  • newsletter and automated email¬†sequences
  • online¬†courses
  • group courses
  • memberships
  • digital products


This one subscription gets me everything I need to build and grow a sustainable business. So, instead of having a hundred different programs (Wix, Mailchimp, ClickFunnels, ThinkiFic, Zoom, etc) to run my business, I have all in one place. 

Premium, but not pricey: Why pay more for 10 separate tools when you can do better with one?

And the best? They offer a free 30-day trial: click here to grab it.

Legally Legit

The moment you have your website online, someone tells you that you need Terms of Use. And a Cookie Policy. And a Privacy Statement. And if you're anything like me, you freak out and then freak out some more before you start asking around and getting all different kinds of answers. When I started, I even got told by a lawyer to just copy them from another business and put them on my website. Really (really) bad advise.

But for the last couple of years, I have been using Template Toolbox, and it seriously makes me sleep better at night. The (super smart) woman behind this service is Ama Zbarcea; she holds two law degrees and specializes in helping entrepreneurs with all the boring (yet stressful) legal matters that come with starting and running a small business, so they can focus all their attention on what they're best at.

Her Template Toolbox lets you create legal terms super easy and fast! There are no one-size-foits-all documents, and there are no highlighted fill-in-thepblank-templates. You simply answer some questions about your biz (it's as easy as an online quiz). Her algorithm does the rest to put together the right legal wording for your biz. Ad then you download your editable legal doc!


Right now, Template Toolbox offers:

  • Website Terms of Use
  • Privacy & Cookies Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Terms & Conditions (for digital products/services)
  • Media Release & License Agreement
  • Services Agreement (for any kind of services)
  • Statement of Work (used with Services Agreement)
  • Disclaimers (various kinds)¬†


P.S. I am not an affiliate; I don't earn a single cent by recommending Template Toolbox. I honestly believe it's the best thing since sliced bread!

Writing [good] emails ... and weekly

Yes, I am a communication specialist. Yes, I am a good writer. But writing good and engaging emails about my specialty (English for Engineers) on a weekly base was a challenge. To say the least. Until I found Liz Wilcox's email membership with weekly ideas (and templates in three different ways).

In all honesty, I am not a big fan of her extremely colorful and slightly chaotic website design. But (big but) ... her emails work. Since I use her templates, writing newsletters is fun again. And I get people to respond(!) to my newsletters. Which is awesome.

Here's my link to her Email Marketing Membership.

Detox van je boekhouding, focus op je onderneming.

If you're an expat like myself, and you happen to live in the Netherlands, you might want an accountant you can trust 100% and more (if that was mathematically possible). You need a Paperdork.

Online boekhouden voor ZZP en VOF: Paperdork is een unieke combinatie van een innovatief boekhoudprogramma voor ZZP en VOF en cijferbaas. Met onze app scan je bonnetjes gemakkelijk in en stel je jouw eigen doelen. Jouw cijferbaas zorgt ervoor dat de boekhouding piekfijn in orde is en verstuurt je aangiftes. √Čn je kunt er terecht voor onbeperkt vragen en advies. Geen uurtje factuurtje, gewoon een vaste prijs per jaar.

P.S. I am not an affiliate; I don't earn a single cent by recommending Mark and his team. I am simply a very content customer.

Create a Profitable Group Course

This might be a sensitive topic because, as teachers, we basically know how to develop a curriculum and how to handle a classroom. Here's where I was stuck: 

I had and still do have plenty of fabulous one-on-one clients. Additionally, I used to freelance for a language school. Somehow, the 'ease' of teaching several classes throughout the week and simply sending one invoice to one language school at the end of the month held me back from putting together and selling my own group course. The pay was horrible, and I don't even wanna get started on the work conditions. 

And then, I came across Ola's Rocket Accelerator Coaching Program. 

I am not promising you the same results, but I started Ola's program in December 2023, had my first workshop in January, soft launched my group course at the end of March, and started with the first group in April. The 2nd edition of my Technical English group course will start at the end of September 2024, and my waiting list is already filling up. Would I eventually have figured it all out on my own? Yes, definitely. In less than six months? No way. Replacing two half days of freelancing with one 75-minute group course per week also saved me from a burnout (I was already halfway there).


Not sure if those services work for the business or country you're in?

Let's have coffee, I am happy to share my journey with you!

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