English fluency tips

A simple trick to improve your English

fluency speaking vocabulary Apr 12, 2021

"You can be productive, efficient, and confident."⁠
(with regards to speaking English; I really don't know about the rest)

The big question is: HOW?⁠

⚠️The simple answer: Don't solely rely on me, your trainer, or on the time we spend together during lessons! There's plenty of things you can do without me while driving in the car, emptying your dishwasher or ...⁠

... while brushing your teeth. Every night, while brushing your teeth, tell yourself what you did that day, what you've experienced, where you've been, and so forth.⁠

Yeah, you heard me all right: Talk to yourself! Use your target language (probably English) and form the sentences in your mind (because really talking while brushing your teeth might become messy). 🦷⁠

Use the grammar and vocabulary you already know. If necessary, substitute the unknown parts with words from your mother language.⁠

It won't take long, and speaking English will become second nature to you. And after a while—almost without noticing—you'll start to think in English! I promise.⁠

And yes. It totally helps to have no concept of shame 🤪⁠

⁠PS: If you need some help or a bit more structure, check out my current offers and trainings. Because mastering English isn't rocket science – with the right Technical English teacher and a custom-fitted course program.