I hate English

humor myth buster office communication Feb 24, 2022

A couple of months ago, I started working with a group of highly specialized engineers (can't tell you more, there are NDA's). When I met with them for the first time, we started off with an introduction round, you know–to build rapport. And while everybody shared about their professional background, their hobbies, and why exactly they needed to improve their Technical English and Business English, one participant hit it off with a blaring: "I HATE ENGLISH!"

Boom. Silence.

Mind you, I just met them. Still trying to figure out how formal or easy-going they were.  So I put on my silly face and told that engineer, "Such a pleasure meeting you too!"

This broke the ice. We all had a good laugh and they quickly opened up about why English lessons always seemed like torture to them. 

Guess what? Now, 6 months down the road, this particular engineer is the most devoted participant of ALL, even logging in to the course when home sick or on the road.


What triggered them to bluntly give me a piece of their mind? 

Did you know that when you're stuck at your current English level, it is likely caused by not having enough fun while learning the language (aka Technical English + Business English)?


Here's what you can do when this happens:

👉 What's your favourite activity to relax after a day at the office?

You love reading crime novels? Great! Read them in English! You love binge-watching Star Trek? Awesome! Watch it in English.

👉 Ever heard the expression 'use it or lose it'? (Often used by physiotherapists 😉)

Same with language learning: you have to use the language. There's no way around it: you have to talk English! And if no one's willing to communicate with you, then talk to yourself. All intelligent people do.

👉 Forget boring English grammar books for a moment.

What's the standard go-to reference book or code in your industry? Get your hands on the English equivalent and use it as a textbook. It doesn't get any more 'real life' than that (e.g. the Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets regarding Wind Design from FM Global or the Plan of Work from the Royal Institute of British Architects).


If you think that 'Death by Boredom' while learning Technical English has happened to you, and you're looking for more advice, then book a free 15min consultation.