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Conversational Manner

conversational skills speaking Jun 07, 2021

One quick tip that’ll help you to improve your CONVERSATIONAL MANNER* straight away?⁠

Speak in a natural, sincere way that conveys how you feel about the topic AND your listeners!⁠

It may sound obvious, but I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has helped my clients (and myself) to become engaging conversationalists.⁠

And here’s the best part - you can improve your conversational manner in 3 easy steps!⁠

1. Prepare: concentrate on your message, not on yourself. Keep in mind the main points you want to communicate and express thoughts in your own words.⁠

2. Speak from the heart: Think about why your audience needs to hear the message. Focus on them. Then your posture, gestures, and facial expression will convey reliability and friendliness.⁠ (Yes, engineers have a heart, a.k.a. fears, hopes, aspirations)

3. Look at your listeners: Maintain eye contact where it is not offensive to do so (be aware of cultural differences). When speaking to an audience, look at one individual at a time rather than scanning over the entire group.⁠

Have you done this before? 

*Definition: Conversational manner refers to the extent to which an individual can make clear, concise, and orderly contributions to the conversation.⁠