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conversational skills fluency speaking the quick fix Jun 15, 2021

If you're thinking about GIVING A BUSINESS PRESENTATION, then read this blog first!⁠

Having your PowerPoint presentation all 'neat&tidy' is so important, but before practising your presentation, there are a few things you should know to make sure you get your MODULATION right:⁠

1. Vary your volume: Increase your volume to highlight main points and to inspire your listeners. Decrease your volume to build anticipation.⁠

2. Vary your pitch: Raise your pitch to express enthusiasm or to indicate size or distance. Lower your pitch to express sorrow or concern.⁠

3. Vary your pace: Speak more rapidly to convey excitement. Speak more slowly when stating important points.⁠
So before you jump in, make sure you are considering these things. They can genuinely help you to get the outcome for your presentation that you're looking for.⁠

Want me to double-check your document or presentation? Then The Quick Fix might be the right thing for you!


PS: modulation is good, but don't be overly dramatic. You're an engineer, not a comedian!