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I'm only human

behind the scene Jun 28, 2021

Ever had a moment where you feel like you have it completely together as an engineer running several projects at the same time?⁠

Yeah, me neither.

But I DO feel like I am closer to being happy with where I'm at on the days when I remind myself that I don't need to know it all; I only need to know who to ask or where to search.⁠

The other day I had a little poll in my stories, asking you if you're familiar with all the 12 verb tenses the English language throws at us?

Guess what: every single person {even the native speakers} voted 'no'!⁠

So, why do you, an established engineer, think you need to know it all?

You just need a reliable source giving you solid information on how to solve one problem at a time. {breath in, breath out: you only need 5 tenses max to rock an international project. And for reports: feel free to stick to the 3 simple tenses}⁠

And here is how to talk to a reliable source: schedule your free 15min consultation.⁠