How to pronounce MARCODE

about behind the scene office talk Mar 15, 2021


Have you ever wondered how I came up with my business name? And how the heck does one pronounce it?⁠

Here's the how and why:⁠
It's a mix of my husband's and my name. The MARC-part comes from Marcus. And the ODE-part derives from Olivia Deborah or short Ode.⁠

So the next question naturally is: Why would I choose to integrate Marcus' name into MY business (I'm thinking of these Reels "my husband didn't go to medical school" 😂)⁠

🔸First of all, my hubby is actually a representation of my 'ideal customer': he's a successful engineer (holding an MSc in microelectronics, he's a systems engineer, scrum product owner, etc.) and he learned 10 languages of which he can still speak five!⁠

🔸Secondly, he keeps me on my toes—technically speaking. Because our daily lunch chats (yeah, home-office) usually revolve around fascinating technical problems.⁠

You see: 'Marcus & Olivia - The Couple' is all about engineering and language. So, naturally, my engineering&language business proudly carries both of our names: MARC*ODE.⁠

We're the 'Branjelina' of Nerd-Town.🤓

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