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"No" is a full sentence

about office communication Jun 21, 2021

REMINDER: Just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to.⁠

⚠️ For me? This means even though I'm an engineer, I don't have to figure out everything by myself (engineers are problem-solvers, aren't we?).⁠

⚠️ For so long, I have done it all: accounting, legal matters, branding, no matter how tired or overworked or stressed I already was. But now I know that just because I can do that, doesn't mean I should, or that I have to. (nope, now I have a dorky accountant with a post-master degree and the most marvellous company lawyer chick).⁠

Instead, by saying "no" on occasion (to doing my taxes or tutoring kids), I can be a better corporate trainer all around, looking after myself and spending more time with the clients I enjoy teaching the most: engineers, technicians, systematic thinkers! And while I still do more than my share, those times I have said no have ensured I stay balanced (and sane).⁠

I'm curious, what is the thing that you are learning to say no to or know that doesn't serve you as an up and coming young engineer?⁠