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What's fluency?

conversational skills fluency myth buster Aug 02, 2021

My clients' desire to improve their English skills caught fire when they realised that being 'fluent' didn't mean knowing every single word the English language has to offer (that would be approx. 470,000). But that being capable of communicating their thoughts in simple terms can be a striking force.

🔸 And now? Every day? They get to show up at meetings feeling confident and communicating skilfully —without a grammar-induced headache. And there is no better feeling at all.

🔸 That limiting belief you're holding onto or that roadblock in your way? It's time to say goodbye to it so you can say hello to your new + articulate YOU.

🔸 If you want to take the first steps towards fluently speaking {business} English, use this link, grab your free consulting session with me, and I will help you to figure out the perfect solution for you.



Ps: Download this free resource with my 5 favourite tips on how to become fluent fast.