You deserve a coffee break

English on the Fast Track

Back in the day, you used to be quite good at English.

But man, that's long ago ;-)

Since then, you've become an expert in your field, even well-known and respected. But somewhen, between career and family, you lost your English skills.

And suddenly there it is, that super important international project: Spanish architect, Romanian calculator, German construction company and US client and no spare time.

Your first reaction: freeze-response. On second thought: you're an engineer, a problem solver. That's just another problem you're bound to solve.

Do not fear - help is on the way!

  • 'The 25 Minutes' are weekly video calls in English. During these chats, the focus is not on grammar but on your communication skills.
  • We target industry-related language and technical aspects of your current projects.

Picture this: over the next 10 weeks, we are going to have coffee together (that's not optional, I don't teach tea-people). You can take a deserved break from your busy working day and tell me all about it. I give you tips on how to improve your pronunciation. Or I help you find the correct vocabulary. We chat. And while taking a break, your English improves.

If you can already smell the coffee by reading this, it's a sign to book a free consultation.





I highly recommend doing this with coffee! This is not a school lesson to fear, but your time to relax and re-learn.

It's 'you time' but informative.




What's your favourite video-chat app? Zoom, Skype, MS-Teams, or Facetime?

The only thing you've to take care of is a stable internet connection and a comfy chair. I make sure you get an email reminder with a link ahead of every session.


All set?

"Well, hello there. Nice talking to you! How's your day so far?"