A package solution to cure your Business English struggles

Covering all the Bases

Getting into a site meeting, understand and be understood shouldn't be so darn tricky. And you shouldn't feel like throwing your keyboard across the room every time you're about to write an English email.

You know all the right words and expressions—but 'only' in your mother language.

You're an expert in your field, and people ask you for your expertise. 

You're super confident and master every discussion, no matter how difficult. But not in English.

Imagine your next meeting with your client, knowing exactly how to express your professional views in English, and being so confident that the effort and knowledge you invested will directly translate into successful project outcomes.


This is what you can expect from working with me.

  • 'The Foundation' is a package solution to cure your Business English struggles in writing, reading, speaking + understanding through an initial audit, custom-made learning solutions, and a teacher who also is an engineer.
  • During 10 weeks, you can expect to be walked through the basics of business and technical English, email- and report-writing.
  • We craft a plan with your unique needs in mind and then show you how to implement your newly learned skills into your daily routine efficiently.

So that talking English is no longer your nightmare but your new superpower.

If you're a busy engineer who thinks, "I've no time to figure that out all by myself", then you've stumbled across the solution for you.




Your individualised online language course starts with a detailed analysis. Ahead of your first lesson, you receive a questionnaire to determine your current language proficiency.




Together, we develop the course objectives, deciding which goals you want to reach after the completion of the course.

Adapting the contents accordingly, we ensure a hands-on knowledge transfer, which you can implement on a daily base.

THE END (or maybe not)

One course consists of 10 individual lessons. At the end of each course, we will evaluate your progress and define your goals for the next block.