You hate English...

but desperately need it for your projects

Current State:


You're an engineer, and you want to be taken seriously when speaking English.

You tried learning all the tech vocabulary and even bought a grammar book.

But you’re still having trouble communicating with your clients or colleagues.


Target State:


You can

👉 Present your ideas during meetings (like a boss)

👉 Write good business emails (fast)

👉 Relax and not stress out about grammar (ever again)

👉 Have a system and support going forward

👉 Talk to clients and stakeholders. Like the pro that you are.

... because you found this 'English for Engineers' course that teaches you how to use English like a sharp tool.



–the fast & furious edition–


A 12-Week English Course for Ambitious Engineers

Taught by an Engineer

Next Course starting Calender Week 40/2024

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The Training

This group course is the result of working with international engineers one-on-one for more than five years. Even though every single one of my clients has unique projects and challenges, there is always a common goal. And there are only a couple of things every single one of them needs to improve their skill set significantly.

This course is the only Technical English Course every engineer needs to achieve their goals of:  

Discovering the logic behind technical English.

Developing the practical skill set to make English your new superpower.

And there will be no unnecessary fluff because you'll

Learn from a teacher who is an engineer as well.

10 lessons of 90 minutes each,
spread over 12 weeks
Live video calls
(recording available)
Start: Calender Week 40/2024
The number of participants per
group is limited to 6 engineers.


Kick-Off and Conclusion

Our first and last lesson

Our very first lesson will be in calendar week 40 (exact date will be announced later). We kick off the course by introducing key concepts and discussing course objectives.

The final session is in calendar week 51/2024, serving as a Q&A and a round-up.

Module 1:

Starting fast and furious

You’ll learn to formulate and present your 'elevator pitch.' It's a short intro when meeting new clients or colleagues. We will discuss common downfalls in language learning and how to overcome them. I’ll teach you my success strategy and explain why your accent is valuable. (1 session)

Module 2:

The tech side of English

Business English, Technical English, and Simplified Technical English: what it is and what it isn’t.

Introduction to the only grammar you need (incl. theory, homework, and practical application) and tips on how to make English work for you. (3 sessions, because it's important)

Module 3:

Not fast, but furious - when answering takes too long

How to handle tough situations? How to answer questions quickly + smartly? Strategies to prepare for meetings, presentations, or client conversations because translating from your mother language into English delays everything. (2 sessions)

Module 4:

The unwritten rules of communication

Email writing, report writing, formal vs informal language, and cultural differences around the world.

Let's dive into theory, exercises, and analysis and have lively discussions about it. (2 sessions)

What more?

For even more support

Join the members-only English for Engineers Facebook Group for additional and ongoing support even after this course has ended. It's like having me on speed dial.



Anna Z.

"Olivia is the first teacher I've ever had that taught me enough in a course that I didn't feel like I need lessons forever."

Arne v/d K.

"I look back on fun and educational lessons. My knowledge of the English language has noticeably improved."

Your DoD - Definition of Done 

aka the course goals

Marcus A. 

"My company has cooperated with Oliva a few times. We appreciate her unconventional approach and willingness to adapt her support to our specific needs."

Liesbeth S. 

"Olivia is a great English teacher! I enjoyed the 10 sessions with her. Olivia’s approach is really different from that of more traditional English teachers."

Right now, you might be asking yourself

Is this the right course for me?


âś… Yes - if English is not your mother language and you are an engineer.

✅ Yes - if you have engineering projects where you must speak English.

✅ Or if you live and work in an English-speaking country.

✅ Or if you plan to move to a country where you need English at work.

✅ And if you have an immediate need to improve your English.

❌ No - if you don’t need English at work right now or don’t plan to move abroad.

❌ No - if you want this course to prepare you for an IELTS exam.


Not sure if this course is for you? Or have more questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the teacher?


My name is Olivia Augustin. I am a civil engineer, certified English as a 2nd language teacher, certified Business English teacher, and founder of 'Marcode - English for Engineers.'

My courses are all driven by practicality, accessibility, and professionalism. Partnering up with me gets you a nerdy side-kick who helps you every step of the way–like Batman and Robin (or Spock and Cpt. Kirk).

It is how I help you master English for Engineers so you can handle your business communication quicker and easier than ever before.

But before you click "register"


If you're not sure if this 'English for Engineers' course is right for you, don't worry.

This course has been designed to help you, a busy engineer, get a basic understanding of

- technical English,

- spoken and written business communication,

- and intercultural pitfalls.

I am confident that this course is the solution to push your (technical) communication skills to the next level.

However, I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today. 

Because if you don't love this technical English course, you can request your money back within 14 days. That is how confident I am that this solution will reduce your stress and simplify your work life.

Still not sure? Or have more questions? Let's set up a quick zoom call!

- Olivia Augustin

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