#006 Conversations at the edge: with corporate communication specialist Catherine Stagg-Macey

Season #1

When working on an international project with engineers from different countries, you have to ask yourself one question:

Do you want to be right, or do you want a relationship?

What does that mean? Find out in today's episode of English for Engineers.

Today's guest is Catherine Stagg-Macey, executive coach and mojo wing woman for mid-career professionals ready to reclaim their spark in their career (without setting fire to their lives). 

And if you think "I need an Olivia in my life" at the end of this podcast, use this link to book a free 15min consultation. Let me help you make sense of the suckiest language in the world. With an approach that won’t bore you like your high-school English studies, will have you enjoying learning the ins and outs of Technical and Business English, and crush that inner perfectionist to move forward so perfectly easy + efficiently.


(the link I promised you at the end of the episode: www.converationsattheedge.com)