#008 Junk the Jargon: with Australian construction industry specialist Becky Paroz

Season #1

With thirty years in the construction industry, Becky Paroz has demonstrated her leadership skills on some of the most demanding projects in Australia. Becky is an engineer, a project manager and Director in three companies. And as if that wouldn’t be enough to fill one's day to the brim, she is also a professional mentor, forming the next generation of industry leaders–and she has awards to prove it, e.g. the Fearless Educator Award 2019.


Becky and Olivia are talking about industry jargon, the engineers' lingo, and why you might wanna ditch it–especially when working with an international team. Years of experience in QA (quality assurance) have taught Becky that simple and clear communication is the key to quality and safety–no matter how big or small the project.

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