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What if ... there's a better way?⁠

emails office communication writing Apr 05, 2021

Do your emails seem boring? Or maybe you sound insecure when emailing with business partners?⁠

I get it. And I understand that you need a QUICK FIX. Therefore I want to hand you 9 straightforward replacements for common email dilemmas.⁠

✍️It took you a while, but you can finally deal with it:⁠
✖️sorry for the delay⁠
✔️thanks for your patience⁠

✍️I know what I'm doing:⁠
✖️I think maybe we should...⁠
✔️It'd be best if we...⁠

✍️Where the heck are we on this?⁠
✖️Just wanted to check in.⁠
✔️When can I expect an update?⁠

✍️My schedule matters too.⁠
✖️What works best for you?⁠
✔️Could you do...?⁠

✍️Yeah, you're welcome.⁠
✖️No problems!⁠
✔️Always happy to help⁠

✍️Do you get it?⁠
✖️Hopefully, that makes sense?⁠
✔️Let me know if you have questions.⁠

✍️I made a small mistake.⁠
✖️AAH Sorry! My bad, totally missed that.⁠
✔️Nice catch! Updated it. Thanks for letting me know!⁠

✍️I have an appointment.⁠
✖️Could I possibly leave early?⁠
✔️I will need to leave for... at...⁠

✍️Working on this is hard.⁠
✖️Rewriting e-mails for 40min.⁠
✔️It'd be easier to discuss this in person.⁠


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