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Turn that meeting into a phone call

business english emails office communication writing Sep 26, 2021

For the last 1.5 years, I've always got the same answer whenever I asked one of my engineers how they were doing.

"Pffff, one video conference after the other, all day long. I'm exhausted."


And let's be honest, we've all had dreadful, unnecessary, unproductive or repetitive meetings that could have been an email. But how do you cancel an appointment or online meeting with a client when dealing with clients is part of your job description?


Maybe, they are willing to get on the phone with you?

Maybe. If you get the wording right.


Here's a handy-dandy email template for you. Feel free to tweak it to your specific needs and circumstances.


Hi {client's name}, 

Hope you enjoyed your vacation! {Or another personal remark: hope your week is going well/It's great to connect with you.}

I am looking forward to discussing {XYZ} with you. I know your schedule is usually busy. Would it be easier to make this meeting a phone call?

Here's what I was hoping to talk about in our meeting:

- {topic 1}

- {topic 2}

- {topic 3}

Is there a day and time that works best for you? {Alternatively, add two or three time slots when you're available, so your client can choose a time}. If you would still prefer to meet in person, I am happy to follow up our call with an in-person meeting.


I am looking forward to our conversation.


{Your name}



Does this seem long and wordy to us Central Europeans? Yes.

Does our German efficiency often sound rude to other nations? Also yes.


And if you are now wondering if Hi and Regards are the proper way to start and end an email, make sure to check out the EMAILS FOR ENGINEERS template package – your solution to writing English work emails fast und without frustration.