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Perfect English

business english conversational skills Jul 12, 2021

There's no such thing as PERFECT ENGLISH.⁠

No matter what you hear.⁠
No matter what people say.⁠
No matter what the "experts/trainers" try to tell you.⁠

What there is? Is a language ability that serves your goals and resonates perfectly with YOUR AUDIENCE! (whether that means writing emails to fellow engineers or calling the guy at cost management)⁠

You see, Business English {and/or Technical English} needs to do one job: empower you to communicate with your particular group of people. With clarity and to the point, carefully navigating cultural differences.

So is there one English lesson that suits everyone? NO! What there is, though, is an underlying linguistic system that anyone can learn {given, you find the right expert {me} who understands your unique position}.⁠

⚡So remember, next time you are reading all that 'stuff' online (like tons of weird grammar rules and not-so-helpful email templates) making you doubt yourself—ask yourself, are these tips relevant to my situation? Do they serve me at this point? And if not? Just scroll away.⁠

⚡ If you do struggle with EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATING your current projects and you direly need help upgrading your Business Engish skills as a busy engineer? Then check out the courses I offer { or email me, and I'll tell you all about it}⁠.