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Group Courses and One-on-One Solutions

Online courses for systematic thinkers. Hands-on knowledge, custom made courses, from engineer to engineer

The Fast & Furious Edition

A 12-week Technical English course for ambitious engineers taught by an engineer


Discover the logic behind technical English. Develop the practical skill set to make English your new superpower. Learn from a teacher who is an engineer as well.

- Next course starts in September 2024
- 10 lesson units over the course of 12 weeks
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The 25 Minutes

Technical English lessons during your coffee break


Ten weekly 1:1 video calls in English. During those 25 minutes, we focus on your communication skills, industry-related language, and the technical aspects of your current projects.

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The Quick Fix

Your real-time word-nerd support ... for specific requests.


When you don't need a whole course or regular training but a bit of support once in a while:

60 minutes long, I'll help you check that last-minute presentation, an important email, or your technical report.


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Resources for Selfpaced Learning

Some like to learn with live interaction. Others don't. Find here quick solutions to everyday problems. 

Emails for Engineers 

Done-for-you project communication for busy engineers, plus members-only FB group


Get access to 30+ English business email templates, valuable bonuses: made for engineers to help them simplify their international project communication. 

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How to Write a Report and Present it too 

This English for Engineers eBook is the equivalent of three hours' worth of Business and Technical English coaching.


This eBook has been created to jumpstart your writing and pressing skills. Because engineers deserve quick system-based solutions when it comes to Business + Technical English. So you can relax and focus on what you are best at: engineering.

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Free Resources

From listening to the podcast to jumping on a call with me and everything inbetween: find here everything you can get for free 

The Podcast 

Improve your English while listening to Olivia and her guests discussing engineering + linguistics


Get ready to learn from industry professionals worldwide. On this podcast, you’ll find practical tips on language learning, Technical + Business English, the cultural component of international business communication, and interviews with communication specialists and people working in STEM

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Not sure what you need? 

One-hour lessons, 25-minute chats, individual consulting, a group course, or a template package?  


So much to choose from. 

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The Blog 

When one engineer writes for other engineers. 


Read about Technical English, Business English, learning English as a second language, and international business communication on this blog. Feel free to roam + read. Some articles are also available as podcast episodes.


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Unstuck your English 

Stuck becoming "fluent" in English?  


That's not as hard to fix as you might think.  Hit the button below to get my Top 5 Tips to improve your speaking skills quickly and without wondering where to start.

These are my personal favourites, all tried and tested as a professional language coach (and used when fighting my way through 4 foreign languages myself!)

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The 4 Conditionals 

If-sentences made easy  


If-sentences (or "conditionals" as linguists call them) are like a multi-tool: you can cut, saw, trim, and sand stuff down. And you can do it in all the different angles ;-)

As with most grammar rules in English: they finally become easily understandable the moment you map them out, or visualize them. So I have done exactly that for you: one page with all the necessary information. And only the necessary information.

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The Email Cheat Sheet 

Throwing the keyboad across the room?  


... because writing English emails can be so darn frustrating?

Engineers deserve quick solutions when it comes to Business + Technical English. With a little help + guidance, you can relax and focus on what you're best at: engineering. This 'cheat sheet' has been created to help you save time by giving you ideas which you can simply copy and paste. 

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