Please STOP it

behind the scene fluency May 24, 2021

A little pep-talk today that struggling does not mean you're failing.

How many times as an engineer have you felt like you just don't have a knack for languages? Like you could be a better communicator or that you should be achieving more, or able to write reports/emails faster?

I wish I could say that it was uncommon, but I want to let you know that you are not alone. So many technicians feel that way.

The thing is though—those feelings? They don't mean you aren't incredible. That you aren't doing great things. Or that you aren't on the right path.

These things are all part of your journey of becoming a project manager who's handling international operations. And while they can be annoying some days, remember that they are all learnings pushing you forward, and for every one struggle, there are one hundred things you're already succeeding in.

And PS - if you are feeling these things, feel free to slide into my DMs. This is exactly why MARC*ODE exists. To help engineers to master Technical English without the usual frustration. And if you're struggling, I'd love to chat.