#001 Well, hello there

Season #1

This is the very 1st episode of Olivia's ENGLISH FOR ENGINEERS podcast where she introduces herself and tells you a little bit about her background in engineering. She's also sharing 4 language learning tips that you can easily introduce into your daily routine. Olivia's mission: helping you master your Business English, Technical English, and conversational skills so that talking English will become your new superpower.

What can you expect from this podcast in the future? 

The primary reason for this podcast is that Olivia wants to provide you with interesting language input. She's going to share tips and tricks regarding Technical English, Business English and English Business communication across cultures, but she also wants to share scientific research that is backing up language learning techniques. Olivia is interviewing international experts so you can get used to different accents and get used to different ways of seeing the world. Her guests will always have a connection to engineering in general, construction, technical English or business communication.


To download the pdf resource mentioned, go to https://www.marcode.org/5tipsfluency