E14: Authentically Aussie: Cracking the Code for Engineers in the Land Down Under!

Season #2

In this episode of English for Engineers, I am chatting with Natalie Peart, owner of Jobspeak Academy, who’s teaching you English for job search and workplace. Her mission? To help international students, refugees, and migrants in Australia to have the Australian career of their dreams.

Join us in this episode as we unveil the secrets to authentic communication in the Australian workplace specifically tailored for engineers. From IELTS test insights to job market entry strategies, we'll debunk myths, explore vulnerability, and equip you with essential tools like the STAR method. Get ready to embrace your Aussie adventure and discover why "Just do it" holds the key to your success!



  • Who should take an IELTS test and why you probably won't need one.
  • If there's such a thing as "proper English," and why vulnerability is necessary.
  • How engineers have to tweak their resume to enter the Australian job market.
  • How to use the STAR method to answer behavioral questions.
  • Why "Just do it" is the best advice you'll ever get.


The English for Engineers podcast is here to help engineers and technicians from all backgrounds to improve their communication skills so Technical and Business English becomes their new superpower.



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Today's episode was sponsored by Marcode, a coaching business where I help engineers master their Technical English and international business communication so that talking in English will become their new superpower.



Natalie Peart is the founder of Job Speak Academy, a business that helps international professionals rebuild their career confidence and thrive in the Aussie workplace.

Linkedin: Natalie Peart

Instagram: @jobspeakacademy

Website: jobspeakacademy.com



Olivia Augustin is a civil engineer and certified English teacher turned corporate trainer, her specialty is dissecting the intricate structures of the English language and only putting back the pieces engineers really need to become skilled communicators.

LinkedIn: Olivia Augustin

Instagram: @_marcode_

Podcast: English for Engineers

Website: marcode.org