E16: Three Lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Season #2

In this Episode, Olivia talks about 3 life lessons engineers who learn English as a second (or third) language, can learn from the Austrian oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As an expat, Arnold was always mocked for his thick Austrian accent, mocked for his appearance, and his ambitions.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • that he was not afraid to ask for help. And he was willing to learn off anyone. Even took advice from a ballet teacher to improve his performance on stage. Tip: Ask your colleagues and friends to help you learn English.
  • that he knew about the power of a positive environment. As bodybuilder, actor, and politician he brought people together: to train together, to be inspired by each other. Tip: Connect with fellow engineers who are on international projects or who are expats as well.
  • that he ignored the naysayers. Have you ever had one of those teachers tell you that you have no language talent whatsoever? Ignore them. As an engineer, you're wired to be good at English.


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Olivia Augustin is a civil engineer and certified English teacher turned corporate trainer, her specialty is dissecting the intricate structures of the English language and only putting back the pieces engineers really need to become skilled communicators.

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