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The Fast & Furious Edition

A 12-week Technical English course for ambitious engineers taught by an engineer


Discover the logic behind technical English. Develop the practical skill set to make English your new superpower. Learn from a teacher who is an engineer as well.

- Next course starts in September 2024
- 10 lesson units over the course of 12 weeks
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The 25 Minutes

Technical English lessons during your coffee break


Ten weekly 1:1 video calls in English. During those 25 minutes, we focus on your communication skills, industry-related language, and the technical aspects of your current projects.

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The Quick Fix

Your real-time word-nerd support ... for specific requests.


When you don't need a whole course or regular training but a bit of support once in a while:

60 minutes long, I'll help you check that last-minute presentation, an important email, or your technical report.

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EMAILS FOR ENGINEERS [template package]


The Emails for Engineers template package is a powerful copy & paste solution based on engineers' needs and created to help them save time and avoid miscommunication: perfect for non-native English speakers working in international teams with multinational stakeholders or for non-native English speakers operating in an English-speaking environment.

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This eBook has been created to jumpstart your writing and presenting skills. Because engineers deserve quick system-based solutions when it comes to Business + Technical English. So you can relax and focus on what you are best at: engineering.

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