Helping you master your Technical English, Business English, and conversational skills so that talking English will become your new superpower.


Online courses for systematic thinkers. Hands-on knowledge, custom-made courses, from engineer to engineer.

You're an expert in your field, well-known and respected. But there is one nagging problem...


As a busy engineer with 5 different projects at the same time, how many times have you sat there and thought to yourself: 

- It's just an email! Why does it take me so long to write it in English?

- I wish there wasn't so much miscommunication in this project‚ÄĒthat costs us so much valuable time.

- I wish I could argue as articulate in English as in my mother language.


But there's just one - or maybe a few - problems:

- You haven't found a Technical English course that gives you the personalized advice you need.

- No matter how many online articles you read about Technical English, you always end up feeling 'not perfect enough'.

- You don't even know where to start. Grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary. It's all a blur.

- Or maybe even all of the above?


Are you sitting there nodding your head or leaning in closer to your screen as you read this, thinking: "Umm, Olivia, have you been reading my diary?"

If so, it's time to take a look at our Systems + Solutions.

Anna Z.

"Olivia is the first teacher I've ever had that taught me enough in a course that I didn't feel like I need lessons forever."

Arne v/d K.

"I look back on fun and educational lessons. My knowledge of the English language has noticeably improved."

Liesbeth S. 

"Olivia is a great English teacher! I enjoyed my sessions with her. Olivia’s approach is really different from that of more traditional English teachers."


Get ready to take back your time and get your Technical English working for your needs

The Fast & Furious Edition

A 12-week Technical English course for ambitious engineers


Discover the logic behind technical English. Develop the practical skill set to make English your new superpower. Learn from a teacher who is an engineer as well.


The 25 Minutes

Technical English lessons during your coffee break


Weekly 1:1 video calls in English. We focus on your communication skills, industry-related language, and the technical aspects of your current projects.


Consultation + 1:1 Services

Custom-made Technical English and side-kick support. Work [+ word] with Olivia 1:1


Your real-time word-nerd support for specific requests. When you don't need a whole course or regular training but a bit of support once in a while.


Templates + eBooks

Resources for self-paced learning


Some like to learn with live interaction. Others don't. Find here quick solutions to everyday problems.



The name Marcode is made up of Ode (a.k.a. Olivia, the Director) and Marc (Marcus, my geeky sidekick of 20+ years). One is the professional word nerd + civil engineer, the other is a systems architect and speaks seven languages.

"I am in regular contact with customers. As a result of Olivia's tutoring, my confidence grew, and therefore our customer service significantly improved."
Michael v/d Knaap
Mechanical Engineer at Lindor
"Olivia is not a teacher who's standing in front of me, shoving grammar down my throat. It's more like she's looking over my shoulder, helping me every step of the way. It feels more like a coffee break."
Filipe K.
"My company has cooperated with Oliva a few times. We appreciate her unconventional approach and willingness to adapt her support to our specific needs."
Marcus Augustin
Systems Architect at The Collective


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I don't often send newsletters, but the ones I do are worth reading.

Want to be the judge of it? Get on the barely used list.

I don't often send newsletters, but the ones I do are worth reading.

Want to be the judge of it? Get on the barely used list.