E15: Technical Translators - The Unsung Heroes of Engineering

Season #2

In this episode of English for Engineers, I am chatting with Anthoinette Međjedović-van Winkoop, CEO of Helena Technical Translations (together with business partner Mathijs Mekes) and Chelsea Janssen, who is a  junior translator at Helena Technical Translations.


Join us in this episode as we discuss what’s going on behind the scenes of high-quality technical translations. Anthoinette and Chelsea walk us through the process, from initial contact to scrutinizing reviews and finally delivering optimal results.


"Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes."



  • What steps are involved in a professional translation process.
  • Why context is everything.
  • In which ways engineers can support translators.
  • And what an ISO certification has to do with the 4-eye principle.


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Helena Technical Translations is known as a customer-oriented technical translation agency. Large international enterprises and SMEs have relied on their highly qualified and experienced translators since 1991. All their translators are genuine native speakers, linguists, and specialize in one or more fields. They are ISO-17100 certified, which solidifies their quality guarantee. 


Facebook: Helena Technical Translations BV

Instagram: @helena_technical_translations

Linkedin: Helena Technical Translations BV

Website: https://www.helena.nl/

If you have a potential translation project, you can e-mail them directly via [email protected] or [email protected]



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